Game Rules

1.Do NOT steal items! – If you see a player hunting a critter and if it drops something you want do NOT steal it!  Ask nicely if you can have it,if player says not leave it alone and get it by yourself.

2.Roll for the items! – If you are hunting with more people and if everyone wants the item that critter dropped, you need to roll. To roll in chatbox type /roll 1 100 and the biggest number wins.

3.Trading in Default dim 0 is not suggested! – Yes,you can trade in Default dim 0,but then everybody can take your item, Because all items dropped in Default dim 0 are free for everybody. So,if you wish to trade go to empty dim.

4. Do NOT steal prey! – If you see someone hunting a critter,do NOT jump in and start attacking it!
You need to ASK are you allowed to attack it. If player says no leave it alone.

5. Do NOT beg! – Do NOT beg for items,critters,mates,friends,events or anything that may annoy people.

6. Do NOT mini-mod! – Mini-moding is when a player is acting like a mod/admin/owner. You can HELP but do NOT mini-mod. There are staff to do that.

7. Do NOT spam! -Spamming is when you keep doing something that doesn’t have any purpose other than annoying other people. That includes: sending random letters,talking in caps,constant roaring,advertising, screaming in caps in local, etc.

8.Do NOT give download link to anyone! – If anyone wants to play The Gates Of Denaturia they will NEED to have a forum account first. If we see anyone without a forum account,we will tell that person to make a forum account, and find out who gave out the link.

9. Speak only English in local chat! – We want everyone to understand what are you talking about,
If that’s not fine with you or if you don’t understand English verry well, make a party and talk any language you want in it.

10. Do NOT harass or bully anyone! – We want everybody to act friendly,if you want people to be nice to you,be nice to them. So,don’t you dare to do something to anyone that they don’t like.

11. Only one account and 15 characters only! – If we see anyone with more than 1 account and more than 15 characters we will delete it/them.

12. You must be 13+ to play this server!

13. Do NOT advertise! – Don’t advertise your servers,your Youtube channels,etc.

14. READ ALL RULES REALLY CAREFULLY!!! – We want everyone to follow these rules! If you don’t follow them you will get warned or even banned!

Have fun playing!~


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